Saturday, June 27, 2020

Coconut Cannabis Oil for cooking (weed butter alternative)

I use 1/4 cup coconut oil or butter for every 1/4oz weed.  Dry the buds in your oven on low heat until crumbly.  My oven has a warming cycle so I set it at 145F and let the buds dry for close to an hour.  I have since upgraded to a dehydrator and I dry the buds on the herb setting.  I use a coffee grinder to reduce the dried buds to a fine powder.

Next step is to decarb the finely ground bud

The first thing you need to after drying your cannabis and grinding it is to then decarboxylate it. Decarbing is converting the THC-A in the plant into THC, which is what the body metabolizes. An easy, safe and low-odor way to decarb it is to put your dried and ground cannabis in a mason jar, snug the lid & ring down gently. pre-heat your oven to ~ 210°F then put the jar in the oven for ~½ an hour. let it cool to room temp before opening it.  I move it around a few times during the process to make sure it gets evenly heated.
iI you don't decarb, the following process will still work. It just won't be as potent or effective. But if you retain the “dregs” and consume them in some fashion, you will claim most of the THC + the beneficial terpenes & flavinoids in the plant matter.  I use the dregs in my edibles, nothing wrong with extra fibre

Melt the coconut oil (or butter) and measure 1/2 cup.  Once the buds are decarbed and cooled off carefully add the coconut oil to the jar and reseal it, then swish it around gently to mix.

Now for the part that requires patience.  Put the mason jar into the pot of water or a slow cooker and maintain a temperature of about 198F for 12 hours.  Swish the jar around occasionally and keep the water level at least halfway up the jar.

At this point you can strain the oil into a clean jar using cheesecloth and a mesh strainer (or coffee filter etc) and store it in the fridge until ready to use.  If you are going to use it right away leave it in the hot water with the stove turned off, you'll save a step and lose a bit less oil in the transfer process.  I don't strain it, I grind the dried buds with a coffee grinder and use them in the recipes too.