Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cost effectiveness of edibles

Most potheads prefer to get high off of as little weed as possible, even if they make 200k a year. Well if I made 200k a year I would smoke way, way too much... but let's not go there. Anyways, edibles have a funny dose-response curve to them. I know of no simple charts on that, though, so I'll try to describe how it works. Basically eating weed is inefficient if you want to just eat .1g and get high for a couple hours. However, if you want to make some weed edibles out of .7-1.5g and eat it over the course of a lazy saturday, it is probably more efficient if you're a heavy smoker. If nothing else, you will be higher than ever before and it only takes a single bowl to blow your mind once you're already really high on edibles. Also, munchies, I find, are oddly more satisfying on edibles: I get munchies, but less intense and more easily sated. When you smoke, the heat from combustion actually breaks down a considerable amount of the cannabinoids that you want, when you eat it, you get basically everything.


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