Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Super Easy and Fast Crock Pot Cannabutter recipe

If you have ever used a Crock pot you know that they make life easy! Throw raw food in Crock pot. Go to work. Come home, and supper is done! Well making weed butter in a Crockpot is super easy and a bit less hands on than using a double boiler, and a lot more convenient if you don't have the money to spend on a double boiler. For this Cannabutter Crockpot recipe uses a lot of marijuana and butter, so remember you can definantly divide the recipe in half or thirds or even quarters. How I made it was just a tad different, I halved the butter, so 1lb or 4 sticks of butter to 1oz of buds to make the marijuana butter for my last cake that I made.

You will need:
1 - 2.5 Oz Marijuana
1 -2lbs Unsalted butter
3 cups water.

     Simmer in crockpot on LOW for 6 hours.
 Remember if you use 1 to 1.5 ounces of marijuana just use 1 pound of butter to make a smaller batch.

 Strain through cheese cloth to separate out the plant matter, and squeeze it out good, try to get every last drop of liquid out of the material. Let it cool for a bit on the counter then place in the fridge (placing it in the fridge before it's room temp will just make the fridge kick on and use more electricity). Leave it alone until the weedbutter has turned solid and the water is floating on top. Pour off the water, cut into chunks as the recipe needs. Most cake and brownie recipes will say 2 sticks or will call for a whole pound of butter, just remember that 4 sticks is 1 pound. so 2 sticks is 1/2 pound or 0.5 lb or 8oz.