Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Easy Cannabutter Recipe

Here is an awesome easy weed butter recipe that I tend to use time and time again.

The backbone of eating weed in delicious foods is.... CANNABUTTER Cannbutter, thankfully, is some easy stuff to make and incredibly versatile. Theres guides to it all over the place that some easy googling can find. However I'll reduce these to the simplest recipe ever and will add pictures next time i make cannabutter.

1)Get herb, I suggest a quarter for a stick of butter. 
2)Get a deep pan or mid sized pot.
3)Put a few cups of water in the pot.
4)Put a stick of butter in the pot
5)Turn heat to low or medium
6)Throw the weed in whenever, it doesn't need to be hot yet.
7)Get the weed/butter/water mixture to a low simmer and stir well every few minutes.
8)Cook this for 30-45 minutes, or hell an hour if you are like me and get stoned and forget about the butter. 9)After 30-45 minutes, strain the green shit out and throw the butter/water into the refridgerator. TIP don't put ice in, it fucks up the separation process.
10) Let cool until the butter solidifies on top and pull it out and you have your weed butter.

Optionally, you can repeat the process with the funky water and old weed and you will get some weed butter that isn't great, but will fuck you up. Now that you have weed butter, you can put it in anything that it will dissolve/soak/cook into My personal favorites are pasta and hot chocolate. Few things beat sipping a tasty cup of pot hot chocolate in public.

Dosing your edibles and a guide to the "high"

If you have never cooked with weed before or have never had any pot brownies you might be wondering what the high is like from eating marijuana. I will try my best to describe it, also you will learn how to dose your edibles. When you cook with marijuana the potency can vary wildly depending on several factors, those include
  1. Strength/potency of the strain of marijuana. Each strains contains a different percentage of THC, along with different effect as in indica verse sativa.
  2. When cooking with weed the THC is extracted via a method, each method is either more or less efficient than others.
  3. Just because you just whipped up a pound of weed butter made with an oz of marijuana, doesn't mean that you have to use all of it in the recipe. It is okay to cut the weed butter with normal butter if a certain recipe calls for a lot of butter, or you made a strong batch. 
Here is a short guide on dosing edibles to get the right buzz  http://www.eatingweed.net/p/the-high-and-how-much-to-dosedrugs-are.html