Learn how to dose edibles and what the high is like

The High and how much to dose Drugs are different for everyone, obviously, but cannabis that has been eaten is, in some ways, very similar to a very, very strong weed high. It isn't quite this simple for a couple of reasons: first, it is easy to eat quantities of weed one could never smoke easily: to put this in perspective, imagine that you frequently smoked acid, a hit was two or three micrograms, but after a while your lungs start to get sore. Then you find out you can eat the acid and go from ingestion 20-40ug at a time to eating 200ug. The experiences, while related, aren't comparable if you start eating really ridiculous amounts of weed. Ever gotten really, really high from smoking? Well that's like eating 40ug and eating a ton of brownies is like eating a full 200ug. Note, of course, that this is only really high doses, I just think people should be aware of just how powerful of a drug cannabis is.

 I find the high to be far more stoney than simply smoking weed, even a heavy indica. It is bizarre being high without having previously smoked and I think this has always influenced the experience for me. I am far more productive on edibles than smoking, probably largely because if I eat a gram, I will be high for 12 hours and may only take a couple of smoking breaks instead of interrupting whatever im doing every hour or so to smoke more weed. I always notice a very enjoyable body buzz that makes stretching and soft blankets feel like just about the best things imaginable. I'd go so far as to say the body high always reminds me of hydrocodone or codeine, enough so that I would take edibles over opiates almost any day. The mental trippiness of edibles depends entirely on how much you choose to ingest. Large doses will completely fuck your mind, which is greatly enjoyable if you are in a safe, mellow place without anything to do for a loooong time.

As a warning, I would really, really recommend against driving while intoxicated on brownies the first couple of times you take them, even if you are an otherwise capable driver stoned. I found myself coming up considerably harder once than I intended about half an hour from my house, enough so that I was seeing all kinds of people/things/spirits out in the woods around me. Thankfully it was late at night and on totally empty country roads I drive frequently anyways, but not something I especially want to repeat. Adderall saved me that time, thankfully.

 Dose This is an especially hard one to answer since dose is so dependent on someone's tolerance. I usually buy a box of Hershey's triple chunk brownie mix and use about a quarter ounce of herb and some stems and vaped weed. Cut into 16 squares that comes to just under half a gram of good weed in every brownie. For someone with no tolerance, half of one will get someone pretty intoxicated and a whole one will really fuck them up. However it takes 2 to fuck me up and I have a pretty crazy tolerance. I've seen a friend eat 4, but he also killed an ounce in 5 days once and he really has a tolerance that is just silly. Generally to get good and high, I'd suggest eating three or four times what it normally takes to get you high. BE WARNED THOUGH, some people suggest doubling it instead of 3x or 4x the amount and if you are inexperienced with edibles, might as well be cautious if you are prone to weed-induced anxiety. I will say that personally, from brownies made with anything other than straight sativa, I have been amazed just how.... comforting.... the high feels.

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