Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Simple Marijuana infused Olive Oil Recipe to cook with on the fly

I use olive oil exclusively, and one of the ways I prepare it on the fly is like this when I'm about to cook dinner:

1 gram of bud leaves per person
1 stack of stems

the rest of the ingredients

First I heat the oil in a frying pan, then stir and fry the stems for about a minute, I then take em out and toss em, I then put in the bud leaves, and give em a quick stir before tossing in the other ingredients (garlic, onions, etc). I've made burritos this way (cooked the chicken in the oil, then tossed the rice in the frying pan to absorb the rest of the oil, add beans salsa and fresh cilantro and booyah) I make a killer tomato sauce like this, as well as some other italian recipies. 99% of the time, you really can't tell the weed was even a part of the recipie. Minimum weed smell too.

Don't limit yourself to sweet stuff, leave the sweets for later, when you get the mnchies


  1. So you actually get a buzz just by cooking with the oil? I'd think you wouldn't feel much since I would think you wouldn't really end consuming all that much of the oil if you're just cooking in it.

    FZ @ HerbTools

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